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Health Care Facilities are looking for ways to improve the bottom line and to do so, every area of the organization needs to take a hard look at finding these cost savings.

QPS provides its facilities the cost savings enhancements through consolidation and competitive pricing. There are core products that all facilities use on a daily basis and these products typically get overlooked when systems are tasked with cost savings and streamlining initiatives. We provide quality products at a better price that has an immediate impact on the bottom line.

“This is how we have always have done it”…….QPS asks you the question “why?” It’s time to rethink the norm and ask why?

Cost savings on products are not just centered around big machines, they are everywhere if we look and allow the question to be answered.

We have consistently been able to help facilitate these everyday medical supplies savings to health systems nationally. We work with our Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) to create these solutions. Our success comes from the small rural hospital with 50 beds to national IDNs.

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