•There are two criteria for master lot numbers are longevity of the number while not creating too short of the shelf life. •QPS has real time data analysis of the procedure to create a master lot number and through this analysis we have defined critical factors that play into working the balance of master lot number longevity.

Critical Factors for master lot numbers:

•A new master lot number is assigned when there is a change in lot numbers within the components of the kit

•QPS track all lot numbers within in a kit and not just a certain few

•We have created a manufacturing schedule to provide for longevity of expiration date

•Our team preorders products from manufacturers to include for the longest expiration dates and the same lot number per order 

Uniformity for master lot coding:

•Our master lot code is set on a uniform schedule where we use the following:

–Current year

–Current month

–Kit id code

•This will allow for the customer to have a consistent timeframe on when lot number change occurs