IT’S TIME TO QUESTION THE NORM New 8 second read time thermometer exclusively made by RND Medicals Manufactuing!

Health Care Facilities are looking for ways to improve the bottom line and to do so, every area of the organization needs to take a hard look at finding these cost savings.

QPS uses our understanding of overseas manufacturing with our experience within transportation as well as FDA complience to create unique purchasing opportunities for our customers. 


 8 Second Thermometer with back light


Thermometer can be used for oral, rectal or underarm use. It can be used at any time of the day/night due to the back light feature that comes standard. It also has the ability to read the temperature in Farenheight or Celsius degrees.

  •  Automatic shut-off

  •  Back light feature standard

  •  Water resistant

  •  Lifetime limited warranty.

 *Additional FREE Options With 3 Year Commitment Agreement:

  •  Custom Logo (Minimum 10K each needed for combined 3 year commitment period)

  •  Custom settings available (Celsius, Ferenheight, waterproofing)

  •  Choose your own color options for caps from a variety of pantones

  •  Soft/ flexible tip or rigid tip


 We have consistently been able to help facilitate these everyday medical supplies savings to health systems nationally. We work with our Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) to create these solutions. Our success comes from the small rural hospital with 50 beds to national IDNs.

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