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Two Layer XL Compression System, Patients with ABI = 0.8, 4" x 5.4 yds Absorbent Foam Dressing (Layer 1), 4" x 7 yds Top Compression (Layer 2), Tan, 2 rls (1 of each layer)/bx, 8 bx/cs

Product Description: A two-step compression system designed to treat venous leg ulcers and other related conditions. Layer 1 is a soft foam with an absorbent coating that wicks away light serous drainage. Layer 2 is a short stretch layer that provides adaptive compression levels. Both layers are latex free and bond together when applied which keeps the system in place. A nylon stocking is now included in each kit to apply over the completed dressing for patient comfort and ease of movement under clothes and on bed sheets. Comfortable and lightweight for increased patient compliance. Available in tan, red, purple, blue, pink and colorpack. CoFlex TLC Lite is available for patients who are less tolerant of compression. CoFlex TLC XL is available for patients with highly contoured legs.

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