Andover Healthcare, Inc.SKU: AOV ACP120-020-150-024

Title: Case


Cover Tape, #120, 2" x 15 yds, White, Latex, 24 rl/cs

Product Description: An Economical version of PowerTape to apply over PowerFlex� for a long-lasting taping system. The system is sweat and water resistant, remaining supportive and stable throughout games and practices, as well as in adverse playing conditions. Economical cohesive tape. Less than 1% stretch � eliminates the �give� that is found with cloth tape. Long lasting support � remains stable & supportive throughout games and practices. Superior strength � when used with PowerFlex it creates the strongest combination taping system. Sweat & water resistant � taped areas will not slip, holds up underwater. Excellent stability and range of motion. Excellent conformability.

Availability: 14-21 Days

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