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Surgical Gloves, 100% Synthetic Polyisoprene, No Natural Rubber, Sterile, Powder Free (PF), Surgical, Size 7.0, 50 pr/bx, 4 bx/cs (25 cs/plt) (US Only)  Max weekly quantity allowed: 20

Product Description: Powder-free and made from synthetic polyisoprene. Delivers all the performance characteristics of natural rubber latex without the risk of natural rubber latex sensitization. Light green in color for instant identification as a natural rubber latex-free glove, which helps to reduce confusion and risk to both healthcare workers and patients with sensitive skin. Has been tested and passed the viral penetration according to ASTM F1671 and F1670. Features patent-pending SureFit Technology. Provides surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals with superior protection during operating room procedures. Safe for latex-sensitive (Type I) healthcare professionals and patients. Proprietary polyurethane inner coating will not break down. It is resistant to alcohol-based hand disinfectants. Enhanced polymer coating allows easy dry- and damp-hand donning. Design and thickness allow for easy and comfortable double-gloving. Produced on new, ergonomically-designed formers to enhance fit and comfort, and to reduce hand fatigue and stress. Anti-slip smooth finish prevents slippage.

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