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Surgical Gloves, PI Glove-In-Glove? System, Powder-Free, Latex (Type 1), Outer: PI (Polyisoprene), Neoprene (Polychloroprene); Inner: PI (Polyisoprene), Outer Color: Natural; Inner Color: Green, Size 8.5, 50 pr/bx, 4bx/cs (US Only)  Max weekly quantity allowed: 20

Product Description: Ansell's patent-pending double gloving system in the world's first pre-donned outer and inner surgical gloves enabling healthcare workers to double glove in just one don. This system combines the semi-transparent GAMMEX? PI Hybrid, as the outer glove, delivering on the comfort of PI and the strength of neoprene, and the green-colored GAMMEX? Non'Latex PI Underglove as the inner glove for quick and easy glove breach detection.

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