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Introducer Kit, 20FR Dilator, Includes: (1) Hemostat, (1) 18G Safety Introducer Needle, (1) 0.035" J-Tip Guidewire, (1) #11 Scalpel, (1) Dilator, (1) Over-the-Wire Stoma Measuring Device, (2) 12 ml Syringes

Product Description: The pre-loaded Saf-T-Pexy gastrointestinal suture anchor system incorporates resorbable sutures and external suture locks to secure the stomach to the anterior abdominal wall. The Saf-T-Pexy system eliminates the need for traditional suture removal, minimizes the risk of infection and enhances stoma tract formation. A telescoping serial dilator system with an integrated peel-away sheath provides all-in-one, continuous dilation and easy tube placement. All-in-one dilator and peel-away sheath does not require removal or multiple exchanges prior to complete dilation and is available in various sizes to better accommodate specific patient needs. An over-the-wire soma measuring device enables a more accurate stoma tract measurement, improving the tube fit for enhanced patient comfort and safety. Safety devices facilitate efficiency, enhances the ease of use and protect the healthcare worker from inadvertent needle sticks.

Availability: 14-21 Days

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