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Capnograph/ Oximeter (SAC Technology), Battery & Charger (US Only) (Item is considered HAZMAT and cannot ship via Air or to AK, GU, HI, PR, VI)

Product Description: Hand-held capnograph is a full-featured monitor providing ETCO2, Inspired CO2, Respiration Rate SpO2, and Heart Rate measurements. Ideal for use in and out of the hospital environment. A back-light feature on the display enables easy viewing in difficult lighting. Battery operated with an optional battery bypass offers flexibility for stationary and transport applications. Includes: 8400 Monitor, 1894 Operation Manual, 3044 Oximetry Finger Sensor, 8412 Protective Rubber Boot, 8214 Patient Attachment Kit includes the following: 8208 Capnocheck Filters (10), 8211 Capnocheck Sample Lines, 4 ft (10), 1100 Airway Adapter, straight without filter (10).

Availability: 14-21 Days

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